For people who want to put a dent in the world

Our mission is to empower brands to stay at the top of their game.
It’s a promise of excellence, and we deliver on it by providing Marketing and Tech solutions with an unparalleled approach.

In a sector worth more than 4B€ in Italy alone, we are here because we want to change the rules of the game. 

We create business partnerships with brands to have an impact together on the world.
Super talents, methodical execution and fluidly joining these brands as a team are some of the ingredients of our unique formula. This is how we become a Super - fluid - team

We have been company builders for a while and worked for some of the best global brands (Google, Expedia, Uber) and emerging ambitious companies (Rocket Internet, Everli).
We enabled, optimized and grew businesses, across countries and sectors.  
Now we do this at scale for multiple brands.

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